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Fast Article Spinner; The Best Free Article Spinner

The Fast Article spinner is a free article spinner you can use to create spins from spintax. It's a web app that'll save you time by making it possible to get lots of unique articles from one piece of spintax.

Free Article Spinner Example

The best article spinner converts spintax into spins of text that you can copy and then use in article directories, on your blog - or for any other purpose. To use the Fast Article Spinner, simply enter your spintax into the left and box, select how many variations you'd like then hit 'Spin'. Using this Free article spinner, you can create spins of your spintax without downloading any suspicious files or using your computers resources.

Why is this a free article spinner?

We decided to make this article spinner free as we've been using it for a while and thought there isn't enough free seo tools out there to use, and when there is they're usually broken or not upkept.

Article Spinning 101: How To Spin Articles

Article Spinning Software 101

You'll find this short guide useful to learn how to spin articles. The first things you'll want to know when learning how to spin articles is the language that the best article spinner uses. All that spinners look at in spintax are:

Braces - '{' and '}'
Pipes - '|'

Everything in a set of braces can change, and the variations are separated by pipes. This means that you could have '{can't|cannot|can not}' which could give three variations:

  1. can't
  2. cannot
  3. can not

You can put as many of these braces and pipes in the spintax as you like, and the best article spinners (including Fast Article Spinner) can have nested spintax (more on that later on...) Now we've got the basics - here's a section of spintax:

Free Spinning Tool Spintax Example
This {is|might be|could be} spintax
Which would give the following three variations:
  1. This is spintax
  2. This might be spintax
  3. This could be spintax
(note: when you've got a variation of the spintax, it's no longer spintax but a possibility of it's parent spintax block)

What you may (at first) think is difficult is when it comes to nested spintax. Here's nested spintax:

This {{could be|is} Spintax|{may|might} be spun}

Fast Article Spinner can nest up to 10 levels deep, so you can see how a simple sentence can quickly turn into multiple possibilities. The object of Spintax is to try to make as many variations of the text as possible, you can do this by adding more variations, spinning text at a paragraph level, then at sentence level, then at word level.

To Spin at a paragraph level:

Write the paragraph, then re-write it differently. put them in braces with a pipe in between them - then theres two variations.

To Spin at a sentence level:

For each sentence, re-write it one or two times putting them in braces with '|'(pipes) separating them.

To spin at a word level:

Looking through each sentence, see if you can add words or phrases using braces and pipes. Add as many here as makes sense.

The biggest thing you've got to make sure of with using an article spinner software is readability. Make sure to:

  • Check correct brace/pipe placement after each edit
  • Check a few variations by eye before putting into an article spinner
  • glance through each variation you're using (if possible) as a final check of no errors.
You should now have a basic knowledge of how to spin articles. I'd suggest if you want a bit more practice you can write a short piece of test spintax and use the Fast Article Spinner to see if you've made errors.

Article Spinner Software vs Download vs Online

There's lots of different types of Article spinner, and for each type you'll find a paid and a free seo tool. Here's three different types of article spinner you'll want to know about:

  1. Article Spinner Software
  2. Article Spinner Downloads
  3. Article Spinners Online

At first glance you may think that the first two are the same, and they should be. Article Spinner Software is what you can install on your computer and, using your computer's resources, it completes the spinning. Unfortunately some rougue programmers sometimes include unwanted extras in these programs, so I've named these Article Spinner Downloads.

Finaly we've got Article Spinners online, this is where the program is based as a web app (like Fast Article Spinner) - this way there's no chance of you getting any "unwanted extra's". Also Online article spinners are the most efficient as it's not using any of your computers resources to complete the spins - everything's hosted on our servers. So there's nothing to download

Hopefully this will make you see that free Online Article Spinners are the the best option to go for. There's no need to try that free article spinner download.

Pro Article Spinning Tips

There's several things you can do to increase both the quality of your spintax and the amount of unique articles it can produce. Firstly, and perhaps the most important - it's important to check all your spaces. This can be one of the tell tale signs of a spin - so try not to double space by putting a space before and after a brace. You'll see in this example:

this {is| might be} .....
Would make a double space -
"this  might be"
This would make the text less legitimate and would more than likely be missed in the final glance.

One way to greatly improve the number of spins you can make is to use nested spins more. The Fast Article Spinner can use nested spintax up to 10 levels. That means that you can create super spins that could give hundreds of unique articles. It's easier if you write the article first, then spin. This ensures you don't overlook errors as much. If you write the article first - then you can re-write sections of it as required, making the spintax better and better as it grows.

Overall- the more you try to make spintax, the better you'll be. It's a very light language so if you know anything like HTML then it shouldn't take too long to become proficient. Just keep adding to the spintax with different variables. This will multiply the number of possibilities and efficiency with the best article spinning software.